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    Pakistan is endowed with extensive geological potential. The country possesses huge resources of mineral deposits such as copper, gold, lead, zinc, coal, industrial stones, quality gemstones and rare metals. However, unlike other developed countries with good mineral endowment, Pakistan has not yet been able to promote growth and alleviate poverty by exploring natural recourses to the maximum possible extent. Mineral exploration contributes only 0.5% of GDP.

 The reasons for not effectively utilizing this huge natural wealth is, non-availability of requisite finances, deteriorated security environment, lack of required skills / infra-structure, deficiency of modern exploration techniques / equipment, corrupt system and preference of personal gains over national interest. It is also worth mentioning that considerable part of the mining activities in Pakistan have been illegal and huge quantity of expensive minerals exported to other countries as raw material on minimal rates with no benefit to either the state or the people of Pakistan. The raw material is subsequently processed in modern refineries in other countries to obtain expensive products.Such a state of affairs calls for immediate steps at national level. Mining being a provincial subject restricts federal intervention limited to rare metals only. Therefore, Frontier Works Organization (FWO) established Mineral Exploration and Development Organization (MEDO) which not only gets into the mineral sector to safeguard the national interests but also act as an engine for the development and exploitation of huge mineral potential of the country. Besides carrying out detail technical and financial feasibility, acquisition process for a particular project in the country, MEDO is interacting with provincial clients / Departments for the finalization of concession agreements in Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. MEDO will also lead the mineral exploration and support large scale mineral development infra-structure in Pakistan under the umbrella of FWO – Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) consortium to reach out to huge unexplored / untapped mineral wealth of Pakistan thus contributing towards National economy 


 Presently MEDO is involved in following mining tasks:-

  1.  Projection of missing exploration at national level.dew3
  2.  Adoption of latest exploration and evaluation techniques for delineation of mineral deposits.
  3.  Development of Mines on modern lines for maximizing the output.
  4.  Development of latest processing and refining facilities inland to reduce dependence on other countries.
  5.  Development for Research and Development facilities for mine exploration, development and processing. Establishment of high-tech mineral laboratories in association with PAEC and Geo Science lab Pakistan, Geological Survey of Pakistan and SGS lab.
  6.  Arrangements of requisite funding from various sources inland / abroad to support mining activities in Pakistan.
  7.  Human resource development for Mining sector through establishment/ adoption of training institutes.
  8.  Creation of job opportunities and improvement of social conditions of the local communities of mining areas.

MEDO has been successful in convincing its clients / mining departments for agreements in various business ventures. Besides other provinces MEDO has acquired an mining assignment of Granite lease in Nagarparkar District Tharparkar, Sindh for a period of 30 years by signing an agreement with M/s Kohinoor Marble Industries Pvt Ltd Karachi. FWO has already mobilized its resources and commencing its mining operation in Nagarparkar area with the aim of maximizing/ modernizing granite industry in Sindh vis-a-vis  providing job opportunities / welfare for the poor people of Tharparkar by developing social business plan.

Degan Exploration Works Pvt Ltd . dew2In order to direct and employ the huge resources held with FWO for mineral exploration and development on national level, a special purpose wholly owned vehicle company, “Degan Exploration Works Pvt Ltd (DEW)” has been established as subsidiary of FWO. Presently DEW is performing following tasks in FATA / NWA:-

  1.  Mine exploration / Development in Shinkai
  2.  Identification of new mineral resources in NWA
  3.  Social Business and Benefits to People of NWA

• Creation of jobs through social business development
• Construction of school, hospital and other infrastructure through mining projects.
• Improvement of electrical / water supply, transport facilities
• Construction of Road Miranshah – Datta Khel
• Rd Mir Ali - Gariom – Dosali
• Rd Razmak – Pash Ziarat - Dre Nishtar
• Development of tracks to mining sites with capital expenditure for mine project development

 Milestone Achieved by DEW

  1.  A JV agreement between FATA DA and DEW is a recent Milestone achieved by DEW in mining industry.
  2.  The benefits of the impoverished people of the FATA has been kept foremost in the agreement in the shape of profit sharing, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Quomi Commission, employment opportunities by taking all stakeholders in confidence.
  3.  A sound mechanism has been evolved for fulfillment of CSR through the participation of local tribes, FDA and FWO and ensuring judicious expenditure of revenues from mine projects.

 Envisaged Mega Projects in NWA 

  1. Operation and estb of Copper beneficiation plant
  2. Development of Smelting Plant
  3. Development of mine / mineral industry
  4. Establishment of Mineral Park


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