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FWO’s Motto “Sustaining Excellence” demands unrelenting struggle and movement towards new peaks of engineering competence. This being the spirit and driving force behind FWO, it is bound to achieve new level of professional excellence in times to come.


Frontier Works Organisation with over 53 years of service excellence in hand, has to its credit legendary achievements in nation building. FWO is contributing tremendously towards a prosperous and progressive Pakistan.


In today’s world, strong economy is the first and foremost hallmark of any nation. The corporate environment demands strict financial management. This factor becomes more pronounced in case of huge and multinational organization like FWO. FWO has been able to establish an enviable reputation and has successfully captured an increasing market share in construction industry of Pakistan.

The process of diversification has been enhanced by FWO and achievement of expertise in other related fields of Civil Engineering projects, apart from road work, has proved very successful. True to its traditions of dedicated hard work, FWO continues to meet envisaged targets by completing major projects of national importance.