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Massive land sliding occurred on 4th Jan 2010 near village Attabad, approx 109 Km North East of Gilgit and about 19 Km East of Hunza. The slide blocked Hunza River and created a dam with heights varying from 130 meters to 200 meters and blocked the only road link (KKH) with China. FWO was assigned this challenging task on 20 Jan 2010 and it has put in all out efforts by making a spillway cut through the slide so that water is released gradually from the lake thus reducing the risk by 50%. Experts from World Bank Dr. Richard Hughes, Dr David Petlay and Mr. Allessandro Palinieri visited the site to conduct technicalevaluation and to suggest modalities to tackle the catastrophe. They appreciated the solution given by E-in-C branch, the speed of mobilization and the quantum of work executed by the FWO in such a short span. The gigantic task was successfully completed on 18 May 2010, working round the clock under challenging environments.

FWO is still continuously on the land slide to address the threat and make it possible for restoring the strategic link with China.