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Officers, JCO’s, brave and dedicated Jawans and Civilian Employees


Assalam o Alaikum


I congratulate all of you on the 48th Raising Day of Frontier Works Organisation (FWO), which was raised in October 1966 when Government of Pakistan decided to construct the grand Karakoram Highway and felt the need for a robust organisation which could achieve this gigantic project in extremely difficult circumstances. The construction of KKH was completed in twelve tough years in which 400 persons embraced Shahadat and equal numbers of persons were critically injured. After the completion of this highway in 1978, the authorities decided to retain this setup in view of its immense contributions and from then till now the performance of this organisation demonstrated that it was a decision based on wisdom and foresight.


FWO has fulfilled its responsibility in each and every challenge. Weather it was the catastrophic earthquake of 2005 or the devastating floods of July 2010, FWO remained in the forefront for the relief and reconstruction after the calamity. The tragedy of Gyari Sector (Siachen Glacier) is a recent example in this regard when our organisation helped Pakistan Army to its fullest. It is due to this reason that 133 bodies of our soldiers have been extracted. The Chief of Army Staff, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani praised FWO’s contribution while addressing a ceremony organized at Gyari. The reconstruction in Swat of the two main bridges out of five that were destroyed in the floods was assigned to us. These bridges were rebuild with the financial assistance of UAE as a gift for the people of Pakistan in general and of Swat in particular.


FWO is executing development projects in all the four provinces, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. Most of the important roads of South Waziristan have been completed while in North Waziristan we are actively working on Bannu-Miranshah-Ghulamkhan road and on Miranshah-Razmak-Makeen road. Despite the sensitivity of this area, the people of South Waziristan maintain good wishes for FWO because in addition to executing our work with efficiency and sincerity we are also looking after their welfare and arranging medical treatment of patients who could not afford it being costly and complicated.


It will be pertinent to mention Atabad Lake that was managed in extremely tough circumstances after a devastating landslide in Jan 2010. In spite of the martyrdom of our valiant officer, the morale of our workforce is high and they are striving to complete it at the earliest.


FWO is optimally employing the latest technology. Our IT department is abreast with the latest developments, the ‘Electronic Traffic and Toll Management System (eTTMS) has been successfully installed at the five Toll Plazas of the Lahore-Sheikupura-Faisalabad road and set to be installed on the Motorway.


My message will remain incomplete without paying homage to our Shuhada who graced our organisation with their precious lives. We need to remember these supreme sacrifices which are an illustrious chapter of our history. Let us promise that we will not only keep alive our glorious traditions but will strive to make the name of FWO a symbol of success.


Pakistan Army Zindabad

Pakistan Paindabad