DG FWO Maj Gen Inam Haider Malik accompanied by CM Sindh visited Greater Karachi Bulk Water Supply Scheme (K-IV) today. The three phase project is to provide 650 MGD water to Karachi from Keenjher Lake. The first phase of the project having capacity of 260 MGD is in process. DG FWO Maj Gen Inam Haider Malik briefed CM Sindh about overall progress and structure of the project. CM Sindh was categorically briefed that FWO has been assigned 40% of the task under first phase of the project. DG FWO apprised CM about shortfalls of the project and missing essential components like power and augmentation plan, which are responsibility of Govt of Sindh.
Proposed way forward was suggested to CM highlighting integrated design of project resulting in savings in terms of time & financial resources. At the end, CM gave in-principal approval to proceed with final technical evaluation for enhancing the integrated design and execution of the conveyance system for 650 MGD. Revised plan is to be submitted within two weeks for subsequent approvals.
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