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Meeting with Governer
DG. FWO, Maj. Gen. Inam was in Karachi to help federal govt.design a strategy to clean Karachi. Minister of maritime affairs Ali Zaidi, on the directives of PM Imran Khan, has initiated federal government's effort to clean Karachi over the next few weeks on Sunday. Pakistan's largest megalopolis has high hopes from PTI that suddenly emerged as the largest party of Karachi in 2018 general elections.
DG. FWO, Maj. Gen. Inam Haider Malik was in Karachi to help federal government’s ‘Clean Karachi campaign’. He is helping design a strategy for this campaign. According to sources, DG FWO was instructed by COAS, Gen. Bajwa, to help federal government. Head of Frontier Works Organization spent two days in Karachi streamlining a strategy. Reportedly work is starting from Wednesday, Aug 7 at war footing.
FWO is providing planning, financial flow control and organizing effort as prioritized after latest surveys. Sources inform GVS that an effective strategy of clean drinking water (K4) will be finalized to deal with this challenge in a most suitable way in the shortest time possible.
It is in this context, that FWO (Frontier Works Organization) and NLC (National Logistic Cell) got involved. FWO and National Logistics Cell (NLC) have been engaged at the forefront of the effort due to their advanced logistical abilities. Both work under GHQ and have been instructed by the COAS, Gen. Bajwa, to help federal government’s campaign for a cleaner Karachi.
FWO is one of the main players for this project in light of its experience and capacity in such large-scale efforts; it has been primarily responsible for the Karachi-Hyderabad motorway, Lyari Expressway and countless other projects around the country. FWO is the brainchild of the Pakistan Army Corps of Engineers, who in 1966 felt the need to create a new organisation specially equipped to deal with the mammoth task of constructing the Karakoram Highway.
Since successfully executing that unprecedented feat of engineering, FWO has been indispensable to the country’s infrastructure needs. It is hard to envision a project of such economic and strategic importance, bound to a strict time frame of completion, being undertaken without the professional experience of FWO. Ali Zaidi actually asked supporters of the drive to deposit their donations to FWO account.