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They say there is light at the end of a tunnel…. we found it midway!

A landmark feat of engineering has been accomplished at the Jagran-II Hydropower Project (JHPP-II) where FWO teams excavate the upstream and downstream portions of the Main Headrace Tunnel independently by excavating both ends in opposite directions, meeting in the middle. Tunnel Construction Team# 1 excavated 1155 meters of the head-race tunnel from the Intake side while Tunnel Construction Team#2 excavated 1320 meters of the head-race tunnel from the powerhouse direction.  

Alhamdulillah, this happened on 27 January 2021 when the two tunnels met deep inside the mountain with a tolerance of fewer than 10 centimeters this has never been done before in Pakistan!

FWO has excavated 1.88 kilometers of the Main Headrace Tunnel without even a single casualty in just 215 working days. So far, FWO has completed 3.7 kilometers of tunnel excavation (including 2.9 kilometers of main headrace tunnel) at this project.

This tremendous achievement has been made by a group of 135 people (mostly locals) which includes Engineers, Geologists, technical and other skilled workers employed by FWO on JHPP-II

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