laspur murigram

Detailed Narrative Description of the Project:

Laspur Murigram Hydropower Project (HPP) is one of the series of hydropower development projects to be developed in District Chitral having capacity of 230 MW, located on the left tributary of Mastuj River, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province of Pakistan.


Project Details

 Proj Name:

Laspur Murigram Hydro Power        (230 MW) Country:


 Proj Location within Country:

Mastuj River, Chitral  Scope of Work:

EPC Contract – Civil Works

Name of Client / Sponsor:  

FWO No of Person Employed:



J & J Consultants
Pakistan Engineering Counsel (PES) Ltd
Name of Associated Firm (s), if any:

China National Electric Engineering Company (CNEEC)

 No of Plants Employed:      

--- Total Project Cost: 

448 Mn US $

 Start Date (Month / Year):

---  Completion Date (Month / Year):


Construction Time : 54 Months