shushgae zhendholi

Detailed Narrative Description of the Project:

This project is located on the Turkho River, the tributary of Chitral. It will generate 144MW electricity that would contribute towards poverty alleviation and socioeconomics uplift.


Project Details

 Proj Name:

Shushgae Zhendholi Hydro Power
(144 MW)


 Proj Location within Country:

Turkho River, Chitral  Scope of Work:

EPC Contract – Civil Works

Name of Client / Sponsor:  

FWO No of Person Employed:



J & J Consultants
Pakistan Engineering Counsel (PES) Ltd
Name of Associated Firm (s), if any:

China National Electric Engineering Company (CNEEC)

 No of Plants Employed:      

--- Total Project Cost: 

339.05 Mn US $

 Start Date (Month / Year):

---  Completion Date (Month / Year):


Construction Time : 54 Months