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 mohmmand dam

Detailed Narrative Description of the Project:

Mohmand Dam (800MW) is proposed to be constructed across Swat River at a distance of 5 km from existing Munda Headwork and about 48 km from Peshawar in Mohmand Agency, FATA. It is one of the major projects to be undertaken by WAPDA after a longtime since commissioning of Tarbela and Mangla Dam. This project will not going to contribute 2,862 GWH Mean Annual Energy to national grid but also supply water to Peshawar City. It will produce Irrigation Area of 16,737 acres to Charsada District and will also helpful for flood control of surrounding areas.  Alongwith that this project would contribute to generate a large chunk of hydropower for meeting the growing demand of electricity and reduce dependence on imported fuels along with provision of jobs opportunities & uplift of areas. In addition this Dam will going to preserve the very precious commodity i.e. water which will contribute significantly during dry season. Keeping in view the importance and significance of the project, FWO has initiated and decided to come forward for this Nobel cause, in this connection bidding documents of Mohmand Dam has been submitted on 26th June 2018 with collaboration of Joint venture with international firm.


Project Details

 Proj Name:

Mohmand Dam (800MW) Country:


 Proj Location within Country:

Swat River Charsada District, Peshawer  Scope of Work:

Construction Of Civil Works Including Design, Supply And Installation Of Electrical And Mechanical Works & Hydraulic Steel Structures

Name of Client / Sponsor:  

WAPDA No of Person Employed:



--- Name of Associated Firm (s), if any:

 Power China / Power China Chengdu 

Andritz Hydro (Germany) 

 No of Plants Employed:      

--- Total Project Cost: 

3.0 Bn US $

 Start Date (Month / Year):

Oct 2018  Completion Date (Month / Year):

Oct 2024

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