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83.4 MW dam will not only help resolve the energy crisis in the area but also enhance agro economic growth.


Project Details

 Project Name:  Kurram Tangi Dam
 Project Location within  Country: FATA NWFP
Name of Client / Sponsor: Wapda
 Consultant:  MMP
 No of Plants Employed:  
 Start Date (Month / Year): Aug 2016
 Country:  Pakistan
 Scope of Work:
Under Sluice: 227 Ft    Main Weir: 302 Ft
2x Tunnels: 7450 Ft 
Sheratalla Canal & Disty 40.4 (Miles) 
Spaira Ragha Canal & Disty: 11.6 (Miles)
Silt Excluder: 227 Ft
 No of Person  Employed:   
 Name of Associated  Firm (s)  
 Total Project Cost:  8647 Mn
 Completion Date
Nov 2019
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