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 kurram tangi dam

Detailed Narrative Description of the Project:

The project is a component of the Federal Govt least-cost energy generation water storage development strategy. The strategy aims at improving the ratio of Hydel Electricity in the system to provide relief to the people in addition to developing water storage capacity for agriculture in the country. The dam site is located in the North Waziristan Agency of the Federally Administrated Tribal Area (FATA). The WAPDA has planned to implement the project in two stages. Work on stage-1 is in progress. Stage-1 includes the Kaitu Wier Irrigation & Power Component, which is scheduled to be completed by end of Nov 2019. It will develop irrigated agriculture of 16,830 acres of land in addition to the hydel generation of about 18 MW. The benefits of stage-I Kurram Tangi Dam have been estimated at Rs 1.5 Bn per annum.


Project Details

 Proj Name:

Kurram Tangi Dam Proj (Stage-1) Country:


 Proj Location within Country:

Bannu (KPK)  Scope of Work:

Under Sluice, Main Weir,2x Tunnels, Sheratalla Canal & Disty, Spaira Ragha Canal & Disty, Silt Excluder, 2x Power houses.

Name of Client / Sponsor:  

WAPDA No of Person Employed:



MMP Name of Associated Firm (s), if any:


 No of Plants Employed:      

116 Total Project Cost: 

Rs 12,007 Mn

 Start Date (Month / Year):

Jul 2016  Completion Date (Month / Year):

Apr 2024