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miranshah boya datta map
 The project connects Miranshah city with Datta Khel which is located at the Pak-Afghan border. Project includes 41 km of road with supporting structures providing a permanent route for tpt & trading for the population of FATA. Project will also helps build further infrastructure in the area such as healthcare & education
Project Details

 Project Name:  Miranshah - Boya - Datta Khel Road
 Project Location within  Country: NWA (FATA)
 Name of Client / Sponsor: TDP (FATA Sectt)
 Consultant:  NESPAK
 No of Plants Employed: 92 Nos
 Start Date (Month / Year): Jul 2016
 Country:  Pakistan
 Scope of Work:
Road Length - 41 Km
Culverts - 209 Nos
R/B Wall - 17.8 Km
 No of Person  Employed:  383
 Name of Associated  Firm (s) Nil
 Total Project Cost:  Rs 1563 Mn
 Completion Date
Mar 2018
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