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ravi toll plaza

Detailed Narrative Description of the Project:

The widening of 7.93 Km long Rigid & Flexible Pavement existing motorway (M-2) start from Ravi TP to Faizpur IC is under construction. The project will benefit a large no of motorists daily in busy area between Ravi Toll to Plaza to Faizpur IC. The project is expected to be complete in Aug 2019.

Project Details

Project Name: 

Const of Addl Lanes on M-2 b/w Ravi TP & Faizpur IC

 Project Location within  Country: Punjab
 Name of Client / Sponsor: NHA
 Consultant:  PRIME Engg & ACC JV
 No of Plants Employed: 63
 Start Date (Month / Year): Jun 2018
 Scope of Work:

1x Toll Plaza, 1x Admin Bldg,            63 Mtr R/Wall, 7.93 Km Svc Rd and IT & Elec Works

 No of Person Employed: 63
 Name of Associated  Firm (s) Nil
 Total Project Cost: 
Rs 2.58 Bn
 Completion Date
Jun 2019