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nowshera medical college 1
Detailed Narrative Description of the Project:

1. This Project has been physically completed upto 58% and efforts are in hand to be completed in Jun 2020. Construction of NMC is not less than a miracle to the people of Nowshera (KPK).
2. This Project has been physically completed upto 58% and its completion till Jun 20 is conditional with release of funds by the client.
3. This project consists of 3x Academic blocks, 1x Auditorium block, 1x OHWT (40,000 gallon) and 1x UGWT (60,000 gallon), which are being constructed in the vicinity of District Hospital. 

Project Details

 Project Name:  Nowshera Medical College (NMC)
 Project Location within  Country: Nowshera (KPK)
 Name of Client / Sponsor: C&W  (KPK)
 Consultant:  MEINHARDT
 No of Plants Employed: 13 Nos
 Start Date (Month / Year): May 2016
 Country:  Pakistan
 Scope of Work: 3x Academic blocks(5x Storey each), 1x Auditorium block, 1x OHWT (40,000 gal) and 1x UGWT (60,000 gal)
 No of Person Employed:  17
 Name of Associated  Firm (s) Nil
 Total Project Cost:  Rs 1840 Mn
 Completion Date
Jun 2020
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