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FWO Primary school was established in April 1997 with a view to provide quality education to the children of FWO (Military/Civil) employees. The school is basically a welfare project and is not therefore self sustaining. School has a teaching staff of 12 academically and professionally qualified teachers who are busy imparting quality education to a number of 240 students at present.


Different measures have been taken up by the school’s administration to ensure the provision of quality education to the wards of NC0’s and JCO’s like constitution of parents teacher meeting on monthly and quarterly basis. Inclusion of co-curricular activities like art and crafts exhibition, speech declamations, fun fairs, filed trips, assembly presentations etc.

These activities are arranged to develop self confidence among the students and to keepthem up dated. The medium of instruction has been changed to English so as to keep the students abreast with the latest curriculum activities and to improve their language skills. Thus the establishment of the FWO primary school’s main purpose was to impart quality education to the wards of NCO,s and JCO,s and was not just a mere formality.