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cwc3FWO since its raising is committed in execution of projects throughout the country. Wards and families of the troops at Chaklala were deprived of major communal facilities. In 1997, launching of welfare projects was envisaged. Besides medical and educational facilities FWO Industrial Home was established under the umbrella of CWC to provide basic hand skill training. Wards and families of JCOs / Soldiers are provided training in cottage industries and hand skills in daily house hold goods.





Following facilities are provided at CWC


  • Health awareness and instruction in elementary hygiene.
  • Medical aid and nursing during/after child birth.
  • Instructions to mothers for care of children/parental advice.
  • Short courses in tailoring, hand embroidery, machine embroidery, hand knitting are also conducted.

FWO Primary school was established in April 1997 with a view to provide quality education to the children of FWO (Military/Civil) employees. The school is basically a welfare project and is not therefore self sustaining. School has a teaching staff of 12 academically and professionally qualified teachers who are busy imparting quality education to a number of 240 students at present.


Different measures have been taken up by the school’s administration to ensure the provision of quality education to the wards of NC0’s and JCO’s like constitution of parents teacher meeting on monthly and quarterly basis. Inclusion of co-curricular activities like art and crafts exhibition, speech declamations, fun fairs, filed trips, assembly presentations etc.

These activities are arranged to develop self confidence among the students and to keepthem up dated. The medium of instruction has been changed to English so as to keep the students abreast with the latest curriculum activities and to improve their language skills. Thus the establishment of the FWO primary school’s main purpose was to impart quality education to the wards of NCO,s and JCO,s and was not just a mere formality.

FWO is undertaking numerous mega national projects all over the country under varied environment, where contribution of all ranks has great significance. FWO’s strength has always lied in its competent and committed employees who are working day and night in timely completion of different projects and in return FWO is taking care of its employees and running number of welfare projects to keep its team motivated and to raise up their standard of living.



Medical insurance policy has been introduced to provide health care facilities to employees and their families. Currently more than 300 employees are medically insured with Adam Jee insurance company. Total 1326 individuals including employees, their spouses, children and parents have been insured for indoor medical treatment.




Formulation of SOP for Hajj / Umra at FWO expense under CEO FWO’s directive is a step towards recognition of the efforts being made byall ranks for keeping up the name and reputation of FWO on all forums. It is hoped that the good spirit behind it will be rightly approached and efforts will redouble by all to keep the FWO flag high.



Free Hajj policy was introduced / formulated in 2008. Ten Hajj vacancies have been kept.
Ten individuals have performed Hajj during the yr 2010 on FWO expenses at a cost of Rs.2.55 M.


Free Umra policy was introduced / formulated in 2003. Total of 50 Umra vacancies have been kept.

54 individuals have performed Umra on FWO expenses during the yr 2010 at a cost of Rs. 5.34



Most of our soldiers hail from rural areas / poor background and have limited access to quality education for their wards due to lack of educational facilities and their native places. They are also

deprived of relatively better educational facilities available in cantonments due to shortage of married accommodation, current deployment in operation areas and certain socio economic compulsion.


In order to alleviate the problem of non availability of family accommodation in the cantonments / garrison and help the soldiers in their efforts towards education of their wards, it was decided by COAS to establish boy’s hostels in all cantonments. To fulfill this noble cause FWO boy’s hostel was constructed with an estimated cost of Rs. 35 M. This hostel was being established with following objectives in view:


  • To provide hostel facilities to the wards of JCOs and soldiers.
  • To facilitate their admission in appropriate educational institutions.
  • To groom the children for a better future through supporting environment.


Rs. 50,000 is immediately paid to the next of kin (NOK) of the deceased as financial assistance for burial and other miscellaneous expenditures. After the completion of inquiry RS.200,000 is paid in the light of labor law 2008. Financial assistance rendered to NOK of the deceased in the year 2010 is Rs. 1.53 M.



Army Public School – FWO, co-education was established in May 1997 to provide quality education to the children of FWO employees in particular and Army / Civilian of the area in general.


The school started with 150 students initially and now in all the strength is 1334. In the morning shift no of students is 964, whereas, in the evening shift it has 370 students.


public-1The school has 74 x faculty members along with Principals of both the shifts who all are well qualified & experienced. Almost all theteaching staff possesses professional Bachelor/Master degrees in different subjects which is an essential requirement for teaching.


The institution is providing convincing opportunities in academics viz a viz extra-curricular activities to its stake holders, in addition to arranging excursion visits to the faculty. 100x students of the institution also participated in the Youm-e-Shuhada organized by GHQ on 30th April 2010.


It is rated as one of the best institutions in Rawalpindi region.