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  Frontier Works Organization (FWO), today’s most versatile and vibrant construction firm, was established on 31 October 1966 to wrought a miracle and carve out a modern highway, the Karakoram Highway, across crags and crevices of the highest mountain ranges of the world.  
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Kartarpur Corridor

Gomal Zam Dam South Waziristan

Tank - Jandola - Makeen Road

HH Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Bridge

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Frontier Works Organization was raised in 1966 for the construction of Karakoram Highway. It has progressed phenomenally since then and is one of the largest firm in Pakistan today specialized in multifarious fields of civil engineering. Beyond the nation frontiers, it has successfully undertaken projects in Kuwait, Afghanistan, Liberia and UAE.

In execution of projects, FWO remains committed to its motto, ‘Sustaining Excellence’ with integrity and sincerity and takes pride in cultivating the culture of quality work at no extra cost. FWO at time faces certain challenges due to its strict adherence to the code of ethics, yet unflinching resolve has earned it the respect of the clients.

The organization is committed towards the uplift of national infrastructure whatever the odds may be. It has completed challenging mega projects in FATA such as Gomal Zam Dam ..

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55 Years of Excellence

Frontier Works Organisation (FWO), today’s most versatile and vibrant construction firm, was established on 31 October 1966 to wrought a miracle and carve out a modern highway, the Karakoram Highway, across crags and crevices of the highest mountain ranges of the world.

It was towards the completion stage of KKH that the Government analysed the tremendous potential of FWO in carrying out civil engineering projects in diffcult and inhospitable areas and decided not only to keep FWO in existence, but also to expand its tentacles throughout the country.

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kkKarakoram Highway (KKH)

In 1958, it started as a modest project to provide an all weather road link between Swat and Gilgit which grew into a mega highway project when, in 1966, it was decided to link China with Pakistan through a highway. Initially the construction remained limited to a shingled road, with temporary bridges, between Thakot and Khunjerab (about 400 km) and the link was affected in February 1971.

In the second phase the limits of the highway were extended up to Havelian, the temporary bridges were replaced with permanent ones and the road widened and carpeted to highway standards. The project was completed in 1978.

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makranMakran Coastal Highway Project (MCHP)

Makran Coastal Highway Project was inaugurated on 16 Dec 2004. Makran Coastal Highway is a project of vital National interest undertaken by FWO. This project is a segment of greater Gwadar plan aimed to facilitate, bridge and develop various sectors of economy.

The construction of Makran Coastal Highway will not only generate enormous economic activiites in the region but will also pave way to create employment opportunities for the poor people living along the 800 KM long coastal belt. It will also provide a safe, convenient and affordable trade transit route to Afghanistan, China and Land-locked countries of Central Asia to thecountries of Middle East and Persian Gulf, thus bringing socio-economic uplift for all.

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gomalConstruction of Gomal Zam Dam Multipurpose Project

Gomal Zam Dam is a project of vital national interest and will open a new chapter of prosperity for Pakistan. Respect for the local community and environment are among the top concerns on the Gomal Zam Dam Multipurpose Project (Dam Component), flood mitigation perennial water for irrigation, improved environment of the area, improvement of living standards and regional development are some of its most important purposes.

Frontier Works Organization takes full advantage of local expertise, labor, materials and services. Thinking locally makes good environmental as well as business sense, and will leave a positive legacy of economic growth and a stronger skill base in the region.
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thermalThermal Power Station Muzaffargarh

The Project includes construction of 3 oil fred steam operated units of 210 MW each. Muzaffargarh being in the seismic zone, the design of monstrous powerhouse and other buildings was more complex and complicated. The four tier inspections and supervision by WAPDA, NESPAK, TPE of Ukraine and GSC made it more challenging to keep the quality of work up to its highest level. The interaction of these agencies provided FWO an excellent exposure to the work of international level. The civil works included 170 structures of different types, 4.5 KM of cable trenches/ducts/ tunnels, sewerage line of 1.5 KM, Internal roads of 7 KM and approximately 2000 foundations in different sizes.

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