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Name of ProjectDate ofCost
StartCompletion(Rs Mn)
Construction of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Bridge Feb 2012 May 2015 928
Construction of Gomal Bridge (SWA) Nov 2012 Oct 2014 281.828
 Gomal Bridge DI Khan Nov 2012   April 2014  286
Construction of 8x Reinforced Concrete Bridges and &
2x Causeways on Road TJM
Aug 12 Aug 14 946.59
Construction of Bridges on Nullah Aik at Neikhapura & Duburji Araian in Distt Sialkot Jun 09 Aug 14 108.607
Construction of Bridges on B.R.B.D Canal & M.R Link Canal in Distt Sialkot Jun 10 Aug 14 71.44
Construction of Dual Carriageway SKEW Br Over UCC Near Nandipur in Distt Sialkot Jul 10 Feb 14 114.89
Shalimar Interchange Lahore Sep 08  Jan  2076 
Dualization of Gujranwala Sialkot Road - Const of Dual Carriageway SKEW Bridge Over UCC Near Nandipur in Distt Sialkot Jul 10 Feb 14 115
Const of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Bridge, Swat (Old Shamozai Bridge) May 11 Mar 13 850
Const of Reinforced Bridge at Jondola on Tank Zam River Aug 11 Jun 12 449
Const of Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Bridge, Swat (Gamon Bridge) Jan 11 Feb 12 1013
Flyover at Rahimabad Feb 07 Sep 08 444
Replenshing Demaged Stone Aprons at Sukkur Barrage Aug-04 Nov-05 31200
Repair of Sukkar Barrage Aug-04 Nov-05 10
Construction of Under Pass Multan May 99 Oct 01 137
Improvement/Repair of Malir Bridge and Road from National Highway to Super Highway Malir Jul 99 Jul 01 34
Railway Under Pass Multan Aug 98 Nov-99 51
Const of 2x Prestress Bridges at Lehtrar Road Isd Jan 05 Nov-07 68
Const of Gumrah Kas Bridge on Park Road Islamabad Aug 04 Aug 05 22
Const of 2x RCC Bridges on IJ Principal Road Islamabad Oct-03 Dec-04 144
Rehabilitation of 3x Bridges on Sukkur Barrage Oct 01 Dec-04 45
Islam Head Works Nove-82 Feb-84 1
Darya Khan - DI Khan Bridge Proj Dec-84 Dec-84 5
Charun Bridge Jul-83 Sep-83 7
Bhimber Bridge including Protective Works and Aproach Roads Apr-78 Feb-82 6