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Name of ProjectDate ofCost
StartCompletion(Rs Mn)
Gomal Zam Dam Project (Irrigation Component) Jun 2008 Dec 2015 3828
Dhana Irrigation & Water Supply Feb 2013 Oct 2015 1625
Widening / Deepening of Spillway at Attabad - Hunza (Ph-II) Apr 11 Jan 14 871.24
Gomal Zam Dam Multipurpose Project (Dam Component) EPC / Turnkey Implementation Jun 07 Jun 13 7710
Restoration Work Akra Kour Dam Repair of Dam Body and Laying of 16" Dia D.I. Pipe for Restoration of Water Supply Scheme Gwadar and Auxiliary Spillway Aug 05 Jun 06 58
Gomal Zam Dam Aug 01 Apr 02 73
Remedial Measure Khanpur Dam May-84 Dec-85 28
Weighted Derm (Khanpur Dam) Oct-83 Jan-84 2
Traj Excavation and Embankment at Kalabagh Dam Site Feb-83 Sep-83 2
Plung Pool Khanpur Feb-82 Jun-83 35
Construction Khanpur Dam Jul-82 Jun-83 160