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Name of ProjectDate ofCost
StartCompletion(Rs Mn)
Small Scale Projects Feb 2016 Feb 2018 2043
Construction of infrastructure Dev Works in DHA Ph-VII (Addl Area) LahoreConstruction of infrastructure Dev Works in DHA Ph-VII (Addl Area) Lahore Aug 2012 Oct 2016 2362.425
Development of OPF Housing Scheme Zone V Islamabad Sep 2008 Dec 2015 2404.2
LDA Ave - (Gp-II) Housing Scheme Lahore Dec 2011  Dec 2014  263 
Construction of Infrastructure Works 1x Tube Well, 2x O/H Water Tanks, 2x Staff Quarters and Laying of Trunk Sewer for Disposal into Hudiara in DHA Town Ph-IX DHA Lahore Jul 13 Dec14 160.811
Construction of Infrastructure Development Works - Roads Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage Works DHA Town Ph-IX DHA Lahore Nov 11 Mar 15 1136.76
Sup, Stacking & Loading into Railway Wagons 2" (500 mm) Normal Size Aug 06 Jun 14 96
Blasting / Cutting / Excavation in Hard Rock and Filling Down Slope at well site for 1st Exploratory Well KARAKH X-1 in Khuzdar Block, Balochistan Jun 13 Jun 14 540
Re-Construction / Rehab of Damaged Shops / Ware Houses, Madrassa Taleem-Ul-Quran and Mosque, Raja Bazar Rawalpindi Dec 13 Jan 14 296
Construction of Gravity Wall - Khalifa City Jan 13 Feb 14 48
Supply, Instalment, Testing and Commissioning of External Electrification System (HT/LT Undergr) alongwith St Lt Sys of Sec H&J Ph-V DHA Lhr Jul 13 Mar 14 30
Construction of Entrance Gate & Road at DHA City Karachi (DCK) Sep 12 Jun 14 355
"Construction of Infrastructure development Works of LDA Avenue-1 Housing Scheme Lahore" Nov-04 Dec 13 1069
Infrastructure Works (E8A) DHA Karachi Nov 11 Feb 13 847
development of Infrastructure Rd, Storm Water Drainage, Water Sup and Sewerage Sys Inside and Around Planned Blocks, Eastern Industrial Zone, Port Qasim Karachi May 09 Dec 12 4960
Infrastructural development Works of Block - N (Package-IIIA) of Phase-VI DHA Lahore Nov-06 Jul 10 615
"Construction of Bal Work Sector A,C,D (Extn) Rd FK-2 (N-Extn) N-25,28,33 Phase-VI and Commercial Broadway /Expressway Phase-VIII, DHA Lahore "     217
Infrastructural development Works of Blocks - K, L & M (Package-III) of Phase-VI DHA Lahore Nov-05 Feb 10 1585
Provision of External Services (Phase-I) at Istaqlal Camp Project Feb-05 Apr 09 375
Construction of WAPDA Emp Co-operative Housing Scheme Phase-II Multan Jan 06 Sep 08 199
Construction of Rds, Walkways, Water Sup, Sewerage, Storm & Drainage (Pkg-III) at NUST New Campus, Sector H-12 Islamabad Jun 08 Mar 10 89
Construction of Rds, Walkways, Drainage, Water Sup and Sewerage Structure (Package-II) at NUST Campus Sector H-12 Islamabad Jun-05 Apr-08 249
Construction of WAPDA Emp Co-Operative Housing Society Scheme Multan Phase-I Sep-05 Sep-07 155
development of Infrastructure Services for Sector G-13 Islamabad Jul 04 Sep 07 670
development of Small Industrial Estate-III Gwa Apr 04 Mar 04 84
AWHS Morgah Nov-93 Jan-03 828
Supply and Filling of Hard Soil in Play Ground Adjacent to ‘O’ Level Phase – VIII Apr-01 May-01 10
Misc Works Multan Cricket Stadium Nov 00 Apr 01 21
Defence Officers Housing Scheme Sialkot Cantt   Sep-00 78
Extention of Car Parking in Golf Course Phase-VII Jul 99 May-00 2
Hard Standing for Marriage Ceremony Mar 00 Apr 00 2
Army/Welfare Housing Society (AWHS) Morgah   Mar-00 5
"Construction of Hard Stand at Cambridge School O Level " Dec 99 Mar 00 4
Re-building in Phase-IV and Khyban-e-Shujaat DHA Jun-95 Jul-96 32
Tile Drainage Project AWT Housing Scheme Lahore Feb-99 May-99 11
Provision of Perameter Unclimbable Security Fence Around Pano Aqil Cantonment Phase-I Apr-92 Jun-97 8
ACHS Lahore May-91 Apr-94 45
Accts Gp Officer Coop Housing Socity Lahore Jun-92 Dec-93 20
RECHS Lahore (Revenue Employ Coop Housing Socity Oct-90 Aug-93 38
Mining Operation in Tholadogar Oct-90 Oct-91 17
Excavation of Two Inclines at Tholadagar Jul-88 May-90 39
Cross Cut Total Length 160 Feet Jun-88 Apr-90 3
Earth Work PDOHA Karachi Apr-85 Dec-86 14
Army Bridge Camp/Base Depot Khushab Jan-86 Jun-86 13
Left Over/Defective Works, Misc Non Residential Accommandation for Troops at Pano Aqil Sep-91 May-92 8
Earth Work at Pano Aqil Cantonment   Nov-91 15
Earthen Traverses Around Explosive Magzine at Pano Aqil   Nov-91 9
Salehani Forest Pano Aqil Apr-89 Aug-90 16
Improvement of Rawalpindi Golf Club Oct-88 Jan-89 1
Earth Filling in Ground of Sports Complex Rawalpindi Oct-88 Nov-88 2
Sind Regment Centre   Oct-88 22
Parade Ground SRC Jun-86 Aug-88 3
Race Course Park Rawalpindi Mar-92 Dec-93 73
Construction of Storage Foundation at Kala Chitta Ranges Oct-91 May-92 29
Chain Link Fence Skd Runway Jul 89 May 92 13
Earthern Traverses Around Explosive stores at Pano Aqil Cantonment Nov-90 Feb-92 9
Construction of Qureshi Ditch Jun-90 Nov-90 27
Salehani Forest Minor Pano Aqil Apr-89 Aug-90 16
J S Pakistan Day Parade Islamabad Dec-89 Mar-90 18
Golf Club Rawalpindi Oct-88 Dec-88 1
Parade Ground for SRC Jan-88 Oct-88 3
Bridge Camp Base Depot Khushab Jan-86 Oct-87 22
Construction of Rds Provision of External Water Sup and Sewerage at Quaid Camp DG Khan Jul 03 Jul 07 172
Construction of Rds, Provision of External Elec, Water Sup & Sewerage at Jarrar Camp Jul 03 Mar 06 111
Construction of Leads into Alert Duty Aircraft (ADA) Pens Apr 89 Nov 89 10
K-Span Shed at Gama Skd Apr 89 Dec 89 11
Al-Shafa Eye Trust Hosp Kohat Mar 03 Sep 04 81
Al-Shafa Eye Trust Hosp Sukuar Sep-97 Dec-97 3
2x Workshop and Staging Building of troops Muzaffargarh Mar-87 Feb-94 26
Construction of Foundation at Central Square Islamabad Feb-90 Jul-90 12
Ammonition Store Rawalpindi Oct-84 Jan-88 67
PEC Works Aug-84 Oct-86 17
Bay ll Islamabad Mar-86 Jun-86 2
Haji Complex Dec-85 Jun-86 6
Additional Rooms for PTDC at Chitral Nov-83 Aug-84 2
Naval Accommandation at Gwadar Apr-83 Nov-84 8
Temp Mole at Gwadar Mar-83 Apr-84 10
AMOCO Fuel Tank at Gwadar Mar-82 Apr-84 1
Construction of Generator Room at Gwadar Mar-83 Apr-84 2
T&T Building Chitral Apr-83 Aug-83 2
T&T Building Lowari Village Apr-83 Aug-83 12
T&T Building Morasar Apr-83 Aug-83 25
T&T Building Mingora Apr-83 Aug-83 30
Tower Foundation (10 Nos) Apr-83 Aug-83 3
Landing Facilities at Gwadar (Jetty) May-80 May-81 15
Instl of Security Fence Kashmore Nov 99 Jan 00 17
Fencing Sui Gas Fd Nov-96 Mar-98 36
K Span ConstructionSystem at Havelian     2