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 kqc addl works n 25

Due to increased popultion in kuchlak town there are difficulties in movement of large vehs. The Kuchlak by pass (Pil-II) project of 15 Km length will give easy and fast access to connect with Afganistan through chaman.

Project Details

 Project Name:  Additional Works N-25 Kuchlak by Pass Pil-II
 Project Location within  Country: Kuchlak By Pass Balochistan
Name of Client / Sponsor: NHA
 Consultant:  EGC
 No of Plants Employed:  105 Nos
 Start Date (Month / Year): Jun 2017
 Country:  Pakistan
 Scope of Work: Construction of Road 15.24 km, 6x Birdges, 69x Culverts, 3x Toll Plaza and 2x Weigh Station
 No of Person  Employed:  221 persons
 Name of Associated  Firm (s)  
 Total Project Cost:  2725 Mn
 Completion Date
Oct 2019
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