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  • Increase accessibility to remote areas of SWA / NWA through const and improvement of existing roads.
  • Generate economic opportunities for the tribesmen through improved market access. The economic activities may include transportation of the  agriculture products and goods 
  • Improved linkage of SWA / NWA to the provincial and national highways 
  • Better connectivity between major cities of settled areas and SWA / NWA.
Project Details

 Project Name:   Makeen - Razmak - Miran shah Rd
 Project Location within  Country: FATA (KPK)
 Name of Client / Sponsor: UPAP
 Consultant:  NESPAK
 No of Plants Employed: 218
 Start Date (Month / Year): June 2012
 Country:  Pakistan
 Scoop of Work: Length - 73 Km Construction of Road / Causeway / Culverts / Bridges
 Name of Associated  Firm (s) Nil
 Total Project Cost:  Rs 5433
 Completion Date
Aug 2016
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