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Detailed Narrative Description of the Project:

The shortage of electricity in the country has created a substantial demand for the construction of hydropower projects. After successful completion of JHPP-I, JHPP-2 (Jagran Hydropower Project Phase-2) has been launched which will contribute significantly towards electrical power generation in AJ&K by harnessing the hydro energy in the corridor and also provide macro-economic benefits relating to employment, education, tourism, etc.

Project Details

 Project Name: 

Jagran Hydropower

 Project Location within  Country: AJK
 Name of Client / Sponsor: PDO (AJK)
 Consultant:  JHC
 No of Plants Employed: 128 Nos
 Start Date (Month / Year): Oct 2016
 Country:  Pakistan
 Scope of Work: Construction of tunnel Hydo power Project 48 MW & weir house
 No of Person Employed: 460
 Name of Associated  Firm (s) HMC-CNTIC-BITC
 Total Project Cost:  Rs 4956 Mn
 Completion Date
Dec  2021