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18 km siphon & 600 mtr intake, 9x rd, Br & 18 pedestrians Brs and 86x culverts.An alternative route & corridor to serve Karachi water needs for next 50 yrs which will reduce the shortage of water in the area and can provide 1200 casrcs (250 MGD) of water. A proper Scheme which passes through the most economical route with gravity requiring least pumping and fulfill the needs of the area that is strategically away from sea/existing system. Proj has recently stated and in progress now which will complete in time.


Project Details

 Project Name: 

Water supply proj having 118 Km lenth incl 99 km canal, Greater Karachi Bulk Water supply scheme K-IV Phase-I (260 MGO) Pkg-A. Conveyance system

 Project Location within  Country: Kinjar Lake to Hub Canal Karachi-Thatta (Sindh)
Name of Client / Sponsor: Karachi water & Sew Board (KWSB)
 Consultant:  Osmani & Co (pvt) Ltd.
 Start Date (Month / Year): Jun 2016
 Country:  Pakistan
 Scope of Work:

Scope of Work: 99 Km canal,
86x Culverts,
27x Brs,
18 km Siphons,
600 mtr intake

 Name of Associated  Firm (s)  
 Total Project Cost:  15255 Mn
 Completion Date
Jun 2018
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